The post 1.x upgrade

So I’ve been off Ghost for a while as I was busy with other stuff. I was on Ghost 0.xx earlier and had to upgrade to the latest and greatest version (obviously, since this is after all, an experiment).

We still need to enter SSH and do it. There isn’t a web-only click based thing that you can do to upgrade yet. I’m sure it will come. What has come is a breath of fresh air, to be honest.

First, I upgraded and installed Ghost-CLI and configured Ghost to use an SQLite database instead of the default needy MySQL database (this is a very small blog).

Now when I need to upgrade, I just need to go to my web server directory, cd to ghost/ and run ghost update.

And that is it. You’re done. Much better than the previous manual method!

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The Second Update

So, I logged into the Ghost admin panel and saw an update notification staring back at me. Remember my first update?

I didn’t read the changelog. I simply decided to update. This time it was simple. All I did was backup my Ghost directory, wget the latest release, unzipped it (overwriting everything) and restarting the Ghost service. It works fine.

Still not as simple as WordPress, but painless for sure. I think theme updates are more painful.

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